— Balance the mind and body —


This rhythmic & relaxing body massage will focus on re-aligning energy flow, enhancing mind and body balance and wellness. A combination of pressure points and spiralling movements will ground and uplift, balancing the body’s energies. A choice of our own aromatic oil blends are selected to address individual client needs – to relax, rebalance or re-energise.

Deep tissue massage

For the person who prefers a deeper, firmer massage and focus on specific areas of concern.

Hot stones massage

Amazing relaxation at a new level is achieved through our expert use of heated lava stones gliding over and into your muscles, melting your tension away.

Note: Not suitable during pregnancy

Head treatment  

The perfect addition to any massage or treatment. This de-stressing massage focuses on the many pressure points of the scalp.

hot stone massage at the wellness retreat Woodman Estate


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